Current System Time: 10:45

i folllowed the guide to start game @1500 my dad is ill i think he cannot see if anything goes wrong he said contact spike -Archie Fr3ddys son.


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Blitz 9

Starts: Friday 29th July @ 15:00

Ends Friday 5th August @15:00

Changes going forward....

1. Drug trades are not available for the first 20 minutes of the round to cut down people moving funds for the additional farming/sales items.

2. DRC Market will be open from day 1 however will still be unavailable the last 24 hours of the round.

3. Bankers will now only be available to members of a cartel.

4. CS grow sell score will reduce by 25%.

5. Sell and grow items will have a 25% increase in both grow and sale productions to accomodate shorter rounds. (THIS WILL NOT BE IN BLITZ.)






Team Hawkward.